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Dear Parents

As and from 2005, the FAI (Football Association of Ireland) have introduced a rule, requiring all sports clubs who have under aged members on their books, to appoint a registered Child Protection Officer to their staff. These measures were introduced to protect your children from; any potential instances of bullying, abuse or other type of behaviour that may be deemed unacceptable or contrary to good standards or practice in the coaching and training work undertaken by this club. Below is my details, do not hesitate to contact me in any matter regarding Finglas Celtic Football Club and your child.

Yours Faithfully
Pat Purcell
Child Protection Officer


Code of conduct for children

Do’s and Don'ts
Don’t ever use bad language
Don’t bully, any sort of bullying is not allowed.
Do show respect for coaches and players.
Do show up on time for coaching.
Do maintain a high level of respect for your club, fellow players and opponents.
Do show respect towards your parents / Guardians and your coaches.
Do show respect towards club members, league officials, referees, assistants referees and never question the decision of the match official (referee).
Do at all times abide by the laws of the game, respect everyone involved.
Don’t ever use or abuse drink or drugs.


Parents and Guardians

Young people participate in football for their enjoyment, not yours. Encourage your child to play fair and always by the laws of the game. Teach young children that truthful actions are as important as winning so that the outcome of a game is accepted without disappointment. Always help young people work towards improving their skills and sportsmanship. Set a good example and be a good role model by applauding good play from both sides. Never ridicule, humiliate or shout at players for making a mistake or losing a match Do not put emphases on winning at all costs.

Do not force an unwilling child to partake in the playing of any sport, if the child is to play he/she will do so in their own time through the encouragement of yourself. Support all efforts to remove physical and verbal abuse from all sports. As a spectator, do not use offensive language, or harass referees, coaches or players. Do not publicly challenge the referees decision and never their integrity. Acknowledge the value and importance of referees and volunteer coaches, as they give their free time and resources to provide recreational activities for young people. Always encourage your child to demonstrate respect for team mates and opponents. The club (Finglas Celtic Fc) have a zero tolerance to the use of drink & drugs anywhere on the grounds or clubhouse,


Code for Coaches

Remember that a coach holds a big obligation in the duty of care to the players and must act cura personalis the “care for the whole person” at all times. Young people need a coach that they can respect and LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Always encourage when its deserved. Never ridicule or shout at players for making mistakes or losing games. Teach our players the laws of the game which no one should infringe. Be reasonable in your demands from players; remember players may have other interests outside the club.

Allow all players of all skill level equal time on the playing field. Young players play for fun and enjoyment and that skills, learning and playing for fun have precedence over well structured competitions. Winning is not the only purpose.
Develop players and team respect for the abilities of other players on opposing teams as well as opposing coaches. Respect the judgement of referees.

Fair play and disciplined play is an absolute must, do not tolerate foul play, fighting or bad language of any sort. Coaches will take off offending players. Set realistic goals for the team and individual players, never push young players in to adult like competitions. Promote young players to learn the basic skills and sportsmanship. Create a safe and enjoyable location to train and play football. Don’t over load players with lots of technical information.

Make a personal commitment to keep yourself informed, on the principles of growth and development of young people. Be aware of the effects you have on growing children. Always promote honesty and fairness in the game of football. Never criticise the referees or assistant referees during or after a match in front of players or spectators. Request and follow the advice of a doctor in determining when an injured player can return to training or matches. Ensure that proper equipment and facilities are available at all times. Ensure that all players are aware that no bullying will be tolerated whether it be physical or verbal. The club (Finglas Celtic Fc) have a zero tolerance to the use of drink & drugs anywhere on the grounds or clubhouse.

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